Sorry, Critics — Audiences Are LOVING Marvel’s Iron Fist Despite Negative Early Reviews! See The Positive Reactions!

Critics and audiences haven’t always seen pretentious eye to public eye, and Marvel’s Iron Fist is definitive proof that we’re living in a very divided TV-viewing nation.

Netflix‘s latest superhero series got pummeled by critics ahead of its release, with early reviewers taking issue with its unconvincing action and sloppy storytelling.

Series star Finn Jones even commented on the barrage of criticisms, blaming the negative reception on Donald Trump, because people aren’t down to root for a "white American billionaire superhero" these days.

But just like the 2016 election, it looks like early polling severely misrepresented the people’s opinion — because fans are LOVING Iron Fist now that it’s available to stream!

Audiences took to Twitter to show their love for the new series after the release, making it clear they couldn’t disagree more with the critics!

We guess the modern audiences can still sympathize with a white American billionaire superhero after all. (Which means Ben Affleck needs to think of a different excuse for when The Batman comes out…)

Ch-ch-check out the positive fan reactions for Marvel’s Iron Fist (below)!

I have something here for all the #IronFist critics…
— DarkTemplario (@DarkTemplarius) March 17, 2017

Finished Episode 1 of #IronFist. Am I watching a different show than the critics? Because this show is great already.
— Jack Kujo (@TheBoyEntrance) March 17, 2017

#IronFist After 1 episode, all I want to say to critics who are working so hard to slam this show.
— joannawan (@joannawan1) March 17, 2017

#IronFist proves that you should never listen what critics have to say. Just watch and form an opinion for yourself. It’s not hard.
— Jack Kujo (@TheBoyEntrance) March 17, 2017

I guess @FinnJones was right #IronFist was for fans, not for critics cause it’s really good so far.
— Tyler Cutcher (@tyler_cutcher) March 17, 2017

Just wondering, what the hell did those "critics" watch cause this is nowhere near as bad as they said #IronFist
— Krojačica Sudbine ♔ (@MonaLisa1797) March 17, 2017

Once Again Critics Are Usless #IronFist Is Actually Good Just People With No Patience
— Christian D. Franco (@MiamiPrince17) March 17, 2017

Am I watching a different show to the critics? Started Binge watching @MarvelIronFist and the show is great already. @netflix #IronFist
— Farman Bond (@Farman_Bond007) March 17, 2017

Critics F’d up. @MarvelIronFist is great! Watch and judge for yourself. #netflix #IronFist
— David Bishop (@chopperdbishop) March 17, 2017

Watching #IronFist and loving it. Was expecting something far less in quality after seeing critics reviews. On episode 4 already.
— Mike Sayer (@TheMicktrex) March 17, 2017

The first episode is brilliant, its the same Netflix quality. The reviewers are talking shit #IronFist
— marvelzombie dood (@marvelzombiek) March 17, 2017

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